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System Cashflow is a powerful, all-in-one solution where you can securely generate Cashflow.

Earn Every Single Day

Holders earn passive rewards through static reflection as they watch their balance of Cashlow Token grow indefinitely.

Building Trust With Buy Back

With our profits we will buy back Cashflow to increase profits for the community and to continue growing.


System Cashlow implementet a burn mechanisim. That means that with every buy and sell a part of the total supply will be burned to increase value over time.

“I don't know a better place to earn Cashflow with your crypto other than System Cashflow.”

Investing in the top
Defi Projects For You

​A simple solution

The System Cashflow Project offers a simple and easy-to-use interface for investing in Cryptocurrency. Powered by the Cashflow Token (Cashflow), our clients can easily deposit funds. These are utilized by our team of top market traders to ensure you get the very best returns on your investment.

The Cashlfow Token is fully compliant with Binance Smart Chain. Purchasing Cashflow Tokens could not be easier, simply deposit funds with Pancakeswap.

In the future we will offer specific memberships that are focused on acquiring assets within the Defi sector. You can easily extend your portfolio to include these assets your strategy. As well as an affiliate program to earn you an extra income which can be used to build more Cashflow and Freedom.

As important as aquiring more assets and cashflow is the aspect of giving, thats why we will give back to our community and support charitys. We will inlove the whole community on projects like this. Lets create something great together!

Be an insider and invest before everybody else

The Pre Sale is limited!


Distribution of Tokens

Distribution of Private Sale funds:

90% Investment in Defi projects

10% Token Development

Distribution of Pre Sale funds:

60% Liquidity

30% Investment in investment projects

10% Development

Investment profits will be used for building the Company and buy back of Cashflow Token

Token information:

Refi: 3% of every buy and sale redistributed to all holders
Burn: 1% of every buy and sale will be burned

Network: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)

Name: Cashflow Token


Contract address: 0x6d81e0f3bce0e1d01560ef97a9d9b7791196ec55

Decimals: 9

Total Supply: 210,000,000
Pre Sale: Coming Soon...


What is the Cashflow Token and what are the benefits of holding it?

The Cashflow Token is our cryptocurrency which brings token holders numerous benefits.

Holders receive through reflection interest on the Cashflow Tokens held in their wallets.

Through the build in burn mechanisim the total supply gets less over time and creates scarcity, which results overall growth for every holder.

Last but not least the company will raise the value of the Cashflow Token by buying back their Token to build trust and growth for everyone.

Where can I buy Cashflow Token?

The Cashflow Token will be availble on Pancakeswap after the Pre Sale.

Who can recieve rewards holding the Cashflow Token?

Everyone can recieve rewards on their Cashflow Tokens by simply holding them.

What is the contract address, token symbol and decimals?

  • Smart contract address: 0x6d81e0f3bce0e1d01560ef97a9d9b7791196ec55

  • Token symbol: CASHFLOW

  • Decimals: 9

Please note that this is not a deposit address.

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